Types of Shockwaves and Best Use for Each

If you’re looking for a better solution to fix your erectile dysfunction (ED), shockwave therapy just may be the treatment that works for you. This revolutionary treatment gently but powerfully opens up blood vessels and thereby fosters healthy blood flow, all in a non-invasive way and without medication.

If you don’t already know, shockwave therapy is currently being used to treat not only ED, but also musculoskeletal pain and injuries, diabetic foot ulcers, kidney stones, clogged arteries, circulation issues, and more. It has been in use for over two decades in treating plantar fasciitis (heel pain) and kidney stones.

Using a device, shockwaves are delivered to various depths and focal areas under the skin to target blood vessels in treating ED. Let’s talk about the two main types of shockwaves currently being used in medical treatments and how they work for patients.

Radial Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

This type of shockwave therapy utilizes a device with an oscillating head. It is applied directly to the surface of the skin, and it delivers high-energy mechanical impulses to the tissue. Some patients may find this painful, so anesthesia is often administered prior to radial shockwave therapy.

This type of shockwave therapy is frequently used to treat chronic plantar fasciitis and lower back pain. In a study of 245 patients with chronic plantar fasciitis, those who received radial extracorporeal shockwave therapy experienced a 60% reduction in their heel pain. Moreover, patients who continued to receive the therapy over the course of a year reported an even greater reduction in pain.

Low-Intensity Shockwave Therapy

This special type of shockwave treatment, low-intensity shockwave therapy (LISWT), works at the cellular level under the skin. Therefore, it is used to treat circulation issues, erectile dysfunction (ED), and Peyronie’s disease. It promotes nerve regeneration and new blood vessel growth as a result of the shockwaves activating your body’s natural healing processes.

In clinical studies, low-intensity shockwave therapy has proven to improve penile blood flow. Several treatments of LISWT can successfully restore healthy blood flow on a consistent basis. Unlike other treatments for ED, which are applied on an as-needed basis, LISWT targets the erectile mechanism – gradually improving a man’s ability to have healthy erections without resorting to pills, injections, or even implants.

Shockwave Treatment that Works for Erectile Dysfunction

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction and are considering new treatments for your condition – and you would rather avoid taking pills or other modalities that only provide temporary results – low-intensity shockwave therapy may be the ideal solution for you. In our clinic, we use focused low-intensity shockwave therapy to treat erectile dysfunction, which is so gentle that our patients don’t even need an anesthetic.

This type of shockwave therapy works at the cellular level and is delivered directly to the focal point, rather than being focused on the skin first and thereby causing superficial pain. No anesthesia or numbing cream is needed for LISWT since it is virtually painless.

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